In order to be successful you need only...

 These three thing: to know English, to learn how to learn, and to be emotionally intelligent human being. 

Maybe it sounds as simple as everyone can achieve but in reality most of the people doesn't have these abilities. 

Even native American that their native language is English not always can understand most materials about emotional intelligence or what it means to be capable of learning a new information.

So, I am quite sure that the most of people doesn't have these three, most important, human characteristics.

I will try to explain what I mean of each of the characteristic. English is not my native language and I am in the process of improving it every day but the ways is still far from the end. If you want to help me to improve this material, feel free to contact me.

First of all - English

It doesn't matter what you want to do in your life: to learn something new or find a solution for a car problem, you must know English. Most of the great books are written or immediately translated to English. Whether you travel or look for a new job - you must know English. Today when the world is actually a one big city when you can get a job offer and move to other country within a week - you must know English. So in my opinion - English is the only subject you have to learn in the school and knowing English you can learn whatever you really want to learn, only if you have the ability to learn so we move to the second characteristic. 

Second - Ability to learn

When I ask people whether they can learn they stare at me like them do not understand my question. Most people think that they can learn from birth. The reason of that thought that we think that learn is just get an information and remember it. For me it is completely different process. First of all, today when we have an access to any source of information, it is crucial - before learn something - to understand what you really want to learn and how (where) you learn it. Let's say you have seen an interview with Elon Musk saying that today Data Analysis is critical for every business and you decide to learn Python because this is the most popular language for Data Science today. Where do you start? I suppose that you won't go to the university for this goal. Take a course? Online or offline? Youtube Freecamp lectures? Buy a book? Abundance of information is great buy it also creates a difficulty to decide. 

And after you decide where to learn how do you continue? Just take a course doesn't make you a Python programmer and surely not a Data Scientist. You have to apply the information you learn. 

To be continued...

Last but not least (and maybe even the most important) - Emotional intelligence

Imagine you want to achieve something in your life. On this way you will face obstacles, fail on different steps, meet people that are very hard (but you have to) manage conversations with and many other difficulties that you will have to handle with. How you handle it depends on your knowledges and life experience but the most impotent component to is how you face the emotions during these problems. Most of the people fail not because they do not know what to do but because they can not face those situations. They are just unable to bear the emotions that arise in the situations. Take any situation where you failed to achieve the needed results and knowing how to do it you still failed. Why? Try to analyze, to recall what really happened? Had to call but felt uncomfortable to do it? Had to say something important but fear froze you? Had been anxious and could not hold the expression of this? In all these situations, beyond the surface lay emotions. Sometimes people even are not aware of the emotions and behave "reacting" the emotions that rarely produce good results.

To be continued...